Brownies and Guides

Brownies and Guides in Woodchester have had a very busy fun-filled year.

Community events attended by Woodchester Brownies and Guides include the Remembrance Day parade and Church service in Nailsworth and the Woodchester WI Christmas concert.  Girls also arranged flowers in Christ Church in Nailsworth.

Throughout our weekly meetings girls have achieved badges, worked on various crafts, learnt new songs, taken part in active games, done some cooking and various other activities and have fully participated in the Girlguiding programme.  The last meeting of the summer term was spent on Selsley common taking part in a variety of sports based on the Olympic Games and setting and following a trail through the woods.

The Brownies enjoyed a trip to the swimming pool where one girl made her Brownie Promise and the Guides went 10 pin bowling.  Woodchester Brownies also joined Nailsworth Brownies for Pack Holiday.

District events Brownies and Guides from Woodchester have taken part in include the craft badge day, a fund-raising day in Nailsworth and most recently an amazing sleepover where a huge variety of outdoor activities were offered.

If you’d like to know more about Girlguiding in Woodchester please contact Jackie on 01453 821258 or look us up on our website, or the District website,

Woodchester Guides would like to thank St Mary’s Church, North Woodchester for their support at the end of 2012.

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