Election Information from Stroud District Council

During August, the Elections Team at Stroud District Council will be sending out Household Enquiry forms to 52,600 properties in the district asking residents to confirm or update their details for the electoral register which will be republished on the 1 December 2016.
The annual canvass is important because residents who are not on the register will be unable to vote in any future elections. Many people also do not realise that their credit score may be affected if they are not registered at their current address and may have difficulty obtaining credit or opening a bank account.
This year residents are encouraged to respond either by telephone or text if they do not have any changes to their details or online, where changes can be made, using a unique security code To ensure as many people register as possible, legislation requires us to employ canvassers during October and November to visit those properties which have not yet returned their canvass forms.
Please make sure you return your canvass form to avoid a visit!

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