For those who are still out and about, taking exercise or walking the dog, please think about what you are doing. We need to be AWARE of our behaviour, CONSIDERATE of how we are affecting others and TOLERANT when we encounter our fellow walkers!

Think about the route you are going to take – will it include narrow paths where passing will be difficult? If it does and let’s face it, we can’t avoid all of them, cross that section as quickly as possible. If you can see someone coming the other way, is there somewhere you can wait for them to pass? Don’t stop to have a conversation or look at a bird in a tree – you may be putting others at risk.

Have you thought about gates and how you are going to open them? A good old fashioned kissing gate is brilliant – it can be manipulated with your elbow. Gates with catches and bolts are trickier, you are going to have to handle them and so has everyone else – so don’t forget to wash your hands when you get home, or take hand gel with you…if you have any!