Parish Plan

Woodchester Parish Plan
A Parish Plan is both a record of the features that contribute to the character of a village and an action plan for what local people feel should be preserved or changed in the future. Local government at Parish, district and County level is committed to taking into account the needs and concerns of local residents when planning and formulating policy. Parish plans are seen as one tool by which local people can participate in and influence this process.

 The Parish Plan was originally completed in 2005 but has now been updated to ensure it reflects the community’s aspirations and needs. The parish council has moved forward over 80% of the actions from the original plan but, as the external environment has changed a good deal since 2005 (especially in the last six months when the impact of government spending cuts on County and District Councils have become clearer) the plan needed revision. The climate change agenda has also become stronger in the past five years and the originalplan did not reflect this.

 A small subgroup consisting of Cllrs. Bastin, Hamilton and Wigzell with the Parish Clerk  met on February 9th  2011 to review what had (and had not) been achieved since 2005 with the intention of  setting up a steering group to take the project forward and draft a new version of the plan for consultation by the end of the year.  The final revised plan was produced and printed at the end of March 2012.

Revised Parish Plan
Woodchester Parish Plan