St Loes School Exhibition Fund – George Bastin, Chairman

St Loes School Exhibition Fund is inviting those school leavers who were born or live in Woodchester and Amberley to apply to the Trustees for grants for further education and equipment. Funding can also be obtained for tools and other items required by a student entering a trade, profession or vocation.  St Loes Trust is a charitable fund with a steady but limited income. Applicants have to demonstrate that they have a strong financial need for support and their parents will be asked to provide evidence of this.

If you believe you may qualify or are interested to know more please contact the Honorary Secretary Mrs Jenny Varley at  Newton Cottage, Watledge Bank, Watledge, Nailsworth 01453 832251.

Seys & Bridges Educational Foundation

The “Seys & Bridges” is a trust registered as Charity No. 311603.   It derives from the Foundations of Elizabeth Seys created in 1705 and of Robert Bridges created in 1722, and has been devoted to education in Woodchester throughout its history.   In years gone by, it provided funds not only to the “public elementary school” in the village, but also for such purposes as apprenticing, evening school fees, and prizes for needlework.  The trustees of the Seys & Bridges meet at least twice a year.  The trustees are drawn from the local community and include the Rector of Woodchester (ex officio) as well as two appointed by the Parish Council and two by the County Education Committee.   The Seys & Bridges Foundation has investments which yield an income that is distributed in the form of grants.  Whilst it has a commitment to provide a minimum of £100 annually to the Woodchester Endowed Primary School, it is also able to make individual grants to young people under the age of 25 years who live in the parish or who currently attend either the Endowed School or St Dominic’s Primary School; and it also makes grants to either Primary School for the direct benefit of its pupils.   Individual grants can help towards the cost of, for example, uniforms, equipment, music lessons/instruments, books for university, etc and typically  are in the £100-£250 range (but there is no set limit).  The trustees keep in contact with the two primary schools but also welcome individual applications for grants, by letter.  Please send your application to:  The Clerk to the Trustees, Diana Fowler, 30 The Daffodils, King’s Stanley, Stonehouse, GL10 3QJ.

For any other matters relating to the Seys & Bridges, you are welcome to contact the current chairman of the trustees, Andrew Pemberton, on 01453 872813.

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