St Loe’s, Seys and Bridges Foundation  – George Bastin, Chairman

St Loe’s School Exhibition Fund and Seys and Bridges Educational Foundation have merged to become The St Loes, Seys and Bridges Foundation. Both charities were founded at about the same time around 1697 and both charities had the same objectives which are to support local children in Woodchester and Amberley in education, Both charities had strong links with the primary schools and gave financial support where needed. Now the combined charity will be able to do more when we can.
The pandemic has created some problems with those supported in further education at university. We now financially support nine students at university, training college or those entering a trade or profession. The Foundation will continue to meet twice a year to provide grants to students who can demonstrate a financial need for assistance in pursing their personal goals in further education. Sometimes the requirement to demonstrate this need discourages some applicants. It shouldn’t!
The Foundation also provides £300 each to the Woodchester and Amberley schools for books for their library and a book to each school leaver in both schools.
If there are any parishioners who wish to apply for grants they are urged to apply as early as possible after the award of a place at university and by 1st September at the latest to the Chairman or Secretary at the address below. Any application is dealt with in the strictest confidence.

St Loe’s, Seys and Bridges Foundation.

Charity No. 311753
c/o Goring House
North Woodchester Stroud

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