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Longfield Community Hospice

Longfield Community Hospice provides free-of-charge services to adults over the age of 18 in Gloucestershire living with a life-limiting condition as well as their family, loved ones/carers. A wide range of life-limiting conditions are supported such as, but not limited to cancers, advanced lung diseases, organ failure (such as heart failure) and some neurological diseases (including Parkinson’s, Motor Neurone Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and early to mid-stage dementia) with a goal to provide support from the point of diagnosis through to bereavement.

The key services that Longfield Offers are Hospice at Home, Wellbeing Centre, Counselling and Bereavement Support.

Hospice at Home

Hospice at home is an end-of-life service where patients can receive end-of-life care in the comfort of their own homes by qualified healthcare professionals. This service is tailored to the patient’s needs and can include frequent visits during the day from one or two team members and care overnight if needed. The aim is to provide support to help the management of symptoms such as pain, breathlessness, and nausea and to provide support to the family/ carers.

Wellbeing Centre

There are a lot of different programs continually running throughout the year at Longfield’s Wellbeing Centre, such as a relaxation programme, mindsong music therapy, tailored exercise groups, opportunities to be creative, carers café and complementary therapies. All the programs have been designed by healthcare professionals with the patients in mind to help them improve their quality of life and help individuals live better while coping with a life-limiting condition as a patient or their carer.   For more information please see our online calendar

Counselling & Bereavement Support

The counselling service offers various delivery methods including, one-to-one Face-to-face, telephone, online and walking in nature counselling. We also have a summer house and regularly sit in the gardens for counselling sessions for patients, carers and bereaved.

Our latest service invites 2 individuals to meet with one of our experienced counsellors here at the hospice. ‘Therapy Together’ is for bereaved, carers and patients who have/are experiencing the same challenges due to a life limiting illness/death. Individuals can be married, co-habiting, siblings, or friends/loved ones.

We currently offer a maximum of 8 counselling sessions, implementing an 8 week decompression time after the death of a loved one for bereavement counselling. (Unless status from carer to bereaved has taken place during counselling)

Groups –We also run bereavement support groups. 

All of Longfield’s services are free of charge and can be accessed via a referral which can be completed on their website or over the phone (01453 733706 for Wellbeing or 01453 733704 for Hospice at Home).  For Hospice at Home, the referral must be completed by a healthcare professional but all other services such as the Wellbeing Centre, Counselling and Bereavement Support can be referred via a self-referral, or a referral from a family member, a loved one/carer, or a healthcare professional. If you are making a referral on someone’s behalf, you must have their consent.

If you are not sure what services you want to access or need, please do call the Wellbeing Team directly and they would be more than happy to talk you through how Longfield can help. If it is easier, you can email the team on and they will respond. 

Visit their website to learn more about their support/ services.