Calligraphy at Woodchester – Josie Brown
Every other Wednesday a group of people who are passionate about lettering, get together in the Village Hall to revel in making an art out of writing beautifully.  There are folk who think they’re no good at it and there are folk who’ve been doing calligraphy for some time, and there are folk who merely love to take a pen in hand and see that stream of ink flow onto the page, leaving behind words that convey meaning through their shape and movement as well as what they actually say.  We take ancient techniques and apply them to contemporary processes like embossing, rubber stamping or gilding, making books or fabric hangings – all using lettering in a decorative manner.  More than anything we have fun and enjoy each other’s company.  Come and have a look – all visitors are welcome!

Woodchester Art Club – Vera Naumann
The Art club started 14 years ago and has always been a pleasant place to spend a Tuesday morning. We don’t have any tutors; we just meet to paint and chat. Several of our number have come as beginners and have made very good progress. We advise each other and between us cover most of the media such as oils, watercolours, acrylics and pastels. We have about 10 members but very often we are about seven or eight.
There is no joining fee or membership fee, we just pay each week enough to cover the cost of the hall.
If you would like to join us just turn up one Tuesday at 10 am. You will find us a jolly bunch of ladies plus one man. You don’t need to be an expert artist, we are used to people coming who haven’t tried art since being at school.
If you would like to ask any questions please ring Vera Naumann on 873689.

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